Jungle bug

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  1. I ventured out far in the wilderness and finally found a jungle biome. It looks like it was crudely spliced in with whatever biome was there before and I am unable to enter the biome. I can only get so close then it rubber bands me back. Anyone else meet this invisible wall of frustration?
  2. You might be able to log out and back in and have it fixed. The converted worlds are very buggy in mc 1.2.
  3. Ahh okay, thanks. I ended up breaking some of the blocks on the outskirts of the jungle and that seemed to destroy the wall of force in that area.
  4. HAHA The wall of force. Didn't you hear about the new force fields?
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  5. Hehe I did not!

    It must be some form of ancient Mayan technology to protect their sacred Ocelots.
  6. I recomend reseting the wilderness worlds. It sounds as if it needs to be done.
  7. That conversation is being kicked off this evening as a community discussion :)
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  8. I also encountered a huge amount of invisible walls in the jungle, some even in other biomes. Sometimes you can walk around them but often you find multiple of those entities causing you to get stuck severely.

    Oh and mentioning bugs, animals are glitchier than ever, teleporting through high ceilings, they hardly move as well. Also fresh parents and baby animals follow wheat (not sure whether that's a feature or a bug).

    Finally shop signs still cannot be accessed by the vendor, so if the selling chest is under a ceiling you cannot open it anymore. Not sure if that has been mentioned in another thread, if so forgive me :)