Jungle Biome Rules in 12w03e (I think thats right) Here are some screen caps of my settlement :)

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Do YOU? Think that jungle biomes are complete AWESOMENESS?

Yeah! These biomes are absolutely amazing! 32 vote(s) 91.4%
Nope, these biomes are just wastes of time. 1 vote(s) 2.9%
Eh, its ok. 2 vote(s) 5.7%
  1. I have been playing single on-off today I made a new world in the new snapshot found a jungle luckily and here are some pics of that.

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  2. I can imagine it awesome. Now think about griefers. Destryoing the trees. leaving the top part alone. Sadly. I wish people can just cut it entirely if they want that wood :O
  3. I love them, these look fantastic :)
  5. Thanks
  6. Wow these are pretty cool :)
  7. Hey Justin, tell me you're going to reset the wild for this. Please. This looks fantastic.
  8. I remember I was working on a tree made out of jungle wood the day it came out.

    Just thinking the entire time "Wow, these trees are really cool.. But what if they looked like that?"
    And proceeding to make a positively massive tree.

    Jeb needs to add more interesting trees, I guess this is a start.
  9. I am so excited for the jungle biomes. I hope there's some way to grow jungle-like trees on our lots, I've always wanted to make tree forts and villages...

    ^ This, also.
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  10. I am not 100% sure on what we will do. No matter what we will have a discussion as a community first :)
  11. I haven't played in a jungle biome yet, but based on seeing them, they look absolutely amazing! However, I can't help but think that griefed, they will look absolutely terrible. The biggest problem would be trees that are only partly cut; not to mention if someone gets a flint and steel in their hands... :S Maybe leaving the wild alone (keeping everyone's creations out there intact, as well as keeping all the discovered areas on the map) might be the best course of action.
  12. This is depressingly true... although regular forests don't particularly love flint and steel either. And it would be a shame to not have jungle biomes on the empire...
  13. Yeah, and hopefully the jungles with be far enough away from the spawn/outposts to avoid major damage, like a few current mushroom biomes. But I don't know; it's just that the whole wilderness would be reset, as well as the map, and it would be like starting all over from scratch. Diamond prices might go down :) but is this going to happen every time Minecraft has a big update like this? I think (and I don't know if EM has the capacity to do so or whatever) that maybe a second wild for each server could be made? Just a thought.
  14. Diamond prices shouldn't go down, because right now they're as easy to get--just use a wilderness portal or a few minutes in a boat. I think two wildernesses would just complicate things, and that addition would just be unneeded. As long as there are careless players, the wilderness will always be damaged, and as people begin to move farther out, once pristine places will become messy and destroyed. In some cases, it's necessary to destroy part of the wilderness in order to gather resources (like sand). Right now, EM is torn between clearing the wilderness, or keeping the wilderness the way it is and allowing jungle to render in unexplored areas. They both have good and bad consequences. Personally, I wouldn't mind if everything was cleared, but I haven't put any effort in building anything outside the town. If only we could keep user-created/modified blocks in the wild :c
  15. My vote is for letting jungles render in the undiscovered parts of the map. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find some, and at the same time they'll be far enough away to avoid major damage. It will also be interesting for people to move out and search, to see who finds a jungle first. :) Also, if diamonds are easy to find, why did their price go from around 25r-30r to more like 50r+?
  16. Hmmm...perhaps Justin could make wilderness portals that go even farther out to make discoveries easier?
    I don't think that the price increase, if there was any, was because diamonds are harder to get. When I joined, diamonds were on average 45r, 40r cheap. A couple weeks later I saw them down to 30r or 25. I think when people realized they could buy them and resell for a higher price (much like Mal does, he sells them for 50r i think) the price increased again. People are willing to buy them for 50r, so why lower it? As for the ease of acquiring diamonds, this is only anecdotal, but I've found it to be the same. Close to the spawn point, cave systems are cleaned out, and there are strip mines here and there, so I've always had to go out pretty far for any good finds.
  17. I remember when I joined the Empire.
    I was in the Wild somewhere and MR2R2M was talking about how Diamonds were worth 11r

    So prices did raise, but it's likely only because we got a ton of newer players who weren't inclined to do work.
  18. Eheheheheheheheheh.
    Edit: Thank god for supporter perks.
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  19. I'll surely win that! Positive about that.
  20. Jungle looks awesome. New Wookie mob next!
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