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  1. I have an outpost on smp2 with a locked chest for JUGGALOSKUD. Looked ingame for a nice spot away from anyone else before building. Also looked at live map. Taking up a medium island, border is easily the surrounding water.

    I dub thee Juggalo Island Outpost.
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  2. Hey dude,

    While it is cool that you want to set up an outpost, you should read AlexChance's Frontier thread at the top of the Wilderness Frontier thread to get a better understanding of how to get it approved. Currently if you are building where I have just now seen you via live map with co-ords 1861, ? , 245, then you are too close to the EMC Outpost to establish your own. While you can still build there, and it would be cool, You most likely will not get Established and thereby not have staff backing when grief happens. I would suggest going to one of the outer EMC Outposts and then go at least 5k out from there away from central EMC Outpost as this is outlined in recommended guide to read.

    Good luck in your endeavor and welcome to SMP2 :)
  3. is it established? or you are establishing it?

    p.s. Good Luck with your journey!
  4. Ok, so ive got to cease building...pack up as much as I can. Survive my way back to town to teleport further away before walking closer.... Repeat till ive gotten everything and replant the trees.
    What does establishment currently entail? Do enderchest work properly? Thatd make things much simpler, albeit still a few hours walking. But I ask because crafting oak fences doesnt work.
  5. While I understand your possible frustration, at least where you are currently is not far from an EMC Frontier Outpost. My son and I ran for 3 days (Fri., Sat. and Sun.) to get back to town from our outpost. Yes, the enderchest might be a handy tool to use. You could use the enderchest with a silk touch pick and take it from current plot to new site to help transport your goods with only one chest, and no worry of someone greifing / taking your enderchest.

    Check this link to find suggested guide to reference Outpost Establishment : http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...orums-info-how-to-establish-an-outpost.25748/

    From what I saw, it looked to be a nice setup you had going there, and you could still build stuff there as a public facility donated / constructed by JUGGALOSKUD.

    But if you are indeed looking to claim a plot and get established then I recommend following that guide.

    Good Luck
  6. Hey, I just came out to your place to check it out, and then attempted to visit your home in town, only to find that it appears you have not claimed a residence in town yet . You get a free 60 x 60 res in town that is protected to build on.

    To find an available res simply use /v open

    Then do /claim to claim that particular plot as your home residence.

    You can set up shop / home on that res in town. Then go to the waste to gather supplies.

    I also like the idea of roughing it out in the frontier, but it is always nice to have a place to call home in town to come back to and relax. If you prefer to continue your wilderness survival I understand.

    Good Luck on your Adventure.
  7. Ok, thank you for your reply. Looks like I gotta new plan then.