Jtc's And Lily's Wedding!!!!!

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  1. 2013-01-28_17.31.31.png
    Priest starts wedding

    Priest Starts wedding

    Starts to recite Vows :D (DWAA There so cute XD)

    About to Kiss :D

    2013-01-28_17.34.03.png And Jtc Kisses his Bride!!!!
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  2. awwww! i love it
  3. why does priest have cobble and not a written book jw
  4. To smack jtc up the head if he doesnt recite his lines right.
  5. but they dont swear on the bible or someting they swore their loyalty over a piece of cobble
  6. Da hell? WAT! This is soo weird.....
  7. LOL, I hope you guys live happily ever after
  8. Its very minecrafty.
  9. might as well swear there loyalty over steves head...
  10. Cute, sasdly I couldn't be there :(
  11. I think a piece of cobble was very nice and fit well.
  12. yeah but its not to minecrafty like diamond ore would have or idk a nether star
  13. Budget cuts, there's a recession going on.
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  14. lol alright josh i mean ii could have provided a book :p wait a min i know that guy in the first pic dressed like zelda
  15. No, cobble.
  16. you have no IDEA how hard i'm lawling right now xD
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  17. alright jk whatever you say frankly it dosent affect me i was just wondering
  18. oh hey jtc you can answer the question whats with the cobble
  19. Jk has it correct ;)
    NOTE: man, i have a headache....
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