jtc0999 plays Ao Oni!

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  1. The first episode of the Japanese horror game Ao Oni :)
  2. Here is Part Two! :D
  3. Just by looking at the screenshots I'm terrified at the fact they somehow managed to do such bad maps with RMXP. I can do better with no effort.
  4. Hey, this game was made a long time ago by the Japanese.
    Don't judge :(
  5. With an engine that is so simple I made nicer maps as a child. I am experienced with the engine they use.
  6. Hey, it's not about graphics, but about the game story, immersion, and puzzles.
    And Jumpscares! D:>
  7. Part three :3
  8. Da fourth part!

    I'm uploading Surgeon simulator in a day, so be ready for that! :D

  9. Oh boy, I can't wait to see surgeon sim squared.
  10. ....wat?
    What do you mean by "Squared"?
  11. You posted twice :/
    In math, a number times itself is thus squared.
  12. Ok, SOMETHING is wrong with my internet.
    It's double posting EVERYTHING to do (Including entering contests)
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  13. 5th part! :D
  14. I'm just not going to say it this time...
  15. WHY IS IT DOING THIS?!?!?! D:
  16. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos; it's reallu difficult to come to the fourms and post videos