Jossy's Giveaway Opening Soon! ...accepting donations!

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm opening up my giveaway soon! on smp7! (/v 14041) I'll be opening it this week someday as soon as I'm done organizing my chests and building storage buildings. I'm accepting donations in my donation box at the entrance of my res. Drop stuff off that you don't need and don't know how to get rid of. I don't have access signs up yet just because nothing is organized correctly but I'll put them up as soon as every chest has a place. ;) I spend most my time in the wastes collecting random stuff I mostly mine but do have random other stuff like crops and wool ext..I'll update everyone when I open up so come check it out when I'm open for business! Until then stop by whenever and if I'm online and have what you need I'll give you free stuff :cool:
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  2. Come and stop buy to get free stuff today! Not all chests are filled because people have already started taking stuff but I'll start working on filling up chests again :)
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  3. What a generous person you are! :)
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