Joke time (Like 4:00 in hte afternoon

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  1. Not sure how well it will work this time around but...

    I saw one of these made months ago and decided it would be a bit fun if i was to put up another. If you have any jokes you wish to share, tell, or even show if you have untold magical powers, please post them here and we may be able to get a nice collection.

    Here's one to start you off:
    How do you get an elephant into the fridge?
    1. Open door.
    2. Insert elephant.
    3. Close door.

    How do you get a giraffe into the fridge?
    1. Open door.
    2. Remove elephant.
    3. Insert giraffe.
    4. Close door.
  2. Just to let you all know that hte was totally on porpoise

  3. Because they make everything up!
  4. So uh two men walk into a bar

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  5. Ummmmm two ppl walk into a bar knock knock...
  6. So, I told my doctor that I bought a llama, and the balloons just popped up out of nowhere--
    oh... Hi Der :D ;3