Joke Book #1 Selling at 3380 Demon's Book Store

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  1. Come on down and purchase my first Joke Book! It is 50 pages long with some awesome jokes.
    Only 180r!
    WARNING: Some jokes may be a bit mature :)
    Also if you would like to set up a Stand to sell YOUR book and make money of it. Your name on the buy sign, then come and put your book in the hopper, only ONE is needed, cuzyoucancopybooks
    :) 2014-04-01_15.54.51.png
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  2. Lots of people have bought the book, around like 10 people or more now lol.
    Heres a preview of one of the jokes

    Q: Did you here about the new movie "Constipation"?

    A: It hasn't come out yet.
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  3. I may buy one :D
  4. I'll take one