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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Xandrow, May 31, 2012.

  1. Every time i try to join a server my game freezes, after 1-3mins i get " end of stream "
    do any of you know how to fix this or that the problem is?
    it's getting very annoying, so i hope one of you can solve my problem.

    Thanks in advance, 1luv<3
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  2. Try resetting your internet router/modem, restarting Minecraft, restarting computer :)
  3. To lazy to do that everytime if it actually works haha, but i will try later tho :)

    Thank you Alex :)
  4. Welcome, hope it helps :)
  5. Minecraft is failing. It's not a net issue. Same with me and most
  6. If you try logging in over and over again, eventually it logs you in after freezing instead of saying "end of stream" or the other strange techinical things that minecraft like to tell you when a login fails.
  7. Me it is saying Took too long to log in....
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  8. It just now said to me
    Internal client error with a bunch of gibberish and numbers.
  9. Now it is working!
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