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  1. Hey guys i am looking for some people who would want to help me make a really nice and maintain racetrack on my utopia res. This will be the place were i will hold horse races that can be bet on, horse racing cups, and the Emipre Derby which will have a 500k(not positive on that much yet, can be less) rupees prize. so here is what i need

    Build Team-(5-10 People)
    Home Server:
    Picture of Previous Work

    Race Managers-(1-3 People)
    Home Server:
    How Often are you on: (barely, Sometimes, Often)
    Organization Skill: (Ok, Good, Great)

    Race Promoter:
    Promotional Picture Making: (good. great)

    What do you sell:
  2. What do you mean by vendors?
  3. this could become epic. ill gladly race when this is ready
  4. thats the plan
  5. as in?
  6. ??? items, race gear, fan gear, cool stuff; like at the EMC games park i sell "Lightningade"
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  7. Race Manager
    IGN: ?
    Home Server: EMC, Duh. (Smp4)
    How often are you on?: Often
    Organization Skills: Amazing (when I am not lazy) Good(when i am lazy)
    What is the pay?
  8. Race Managers-(1-3 People)
    IGN: Chizmaro
    Home Server: SMP1
    How Often are you on: Depends on internet
    Organization Skill: Great


    IGN: Chizmaro
    What do you sell: Horses
  9. Pay for jobs hasnt yet been decided
  10. Race Managers-(1-3 People)
    IGN: kyle12cu1
    Home Server: 1
    How Often are you on: (barely, Sometimes, Often) Sometimes-Often
    Organization Skill: (Ok, Good, Great) Great

    Race Promoter:
    IGN: kyle12cu1
    Promotional Picture Making: (good. great) Good-Great
    Previous Work: (Don't worry it will be better for the real thing)
  11. ^ I would estimate 10k for building and then for working at the track pay from 2.5k-5k every two weeks based on the job, please take into account when it takes off you will be paid more handsomely
  12. That was all I read.
  13. lol, i hope not because like every new idea there is gonna be some rough stuff that will have to be worked out at the start, but hopefully we get get passed that quick and then smooth sailing
  14. bump eh teh bump
  15. How do we know if we've been accepted?
  16. i will contact you, gonna wait till more apps are in to send responses
  17. Not sure if i'm what your looking for but i would love to help in any way i could. Don't have an IGN. My home server is smp4 and you can check out my builds on 8963 and 8841 if you want.
  18. IGN is "In game name"
  19. Oh I'm stupid, I thought it meant an account on I.G.N.