Jobs NEEDED!!! For R0bbieJo and Nickbowhunte

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  1. Guys we need miners that are good at getting the jobs done fast!

    *I'm calling for 10 nether miners for Glowstone, Nether Bricks.
    This is all for noresale it is for the Smp4 Project coming up. So you pick the price you want to sell us the glowstone at the highest we will be buying glowstone is 150r a stack the lowest is your choice!
    The Netherbrick we will be buying for 70r highest your choice lowest!

    *I will need 5 end miners for all the endstone we can get!
    We will be buying a stack of endstone for 100r highest again your choice lowest!

    *I will also need enchanters!
    All stuff will be diamond
    Sharp IV and above on swords
    Prot III and above on armor
    Unbreak III and Eff III or higher on picks(Silk touches will be bought seperately)
    Same with shovels ^
    All stuff will be bought according to enchantment!

    *Lastly I need some more friends on Empire!! lol
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  2. Did you mean 1500r?
  3. No offence but thus is what i got:
    Glowstone: 2.34 per (usually sells at 15-20r/ea)
    Netherbrick: 1.09 per (usually sells at 2r-4r per/ea)
    Endstone: 1.56 per (usually sells at 1.5 per so this is ok)
  4. I will happily mine some nether brick and glowstone as I am in the smp4 nether right now, and donate them free of charge to you :) Edit- Died in the nether with all my stuff so, doubt I will be able to donate until I get all new tools/Armour sorry :(.
  5. Protection 4
    Unbreaking 3

    Full sets

    If still needed/if needed
  6. I have a single chest of Endstone I could sell to you
  7. 150r for a stack of glowstone? I do hope you mean 1500r :)