[Jobs] 9500 XD Mega Mall well payed!

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  1. There are jobs up for grabs at 9500 XD Mega Mall

    1. Mining resources e.g. Diamond coal cobble ores gems and ingots
    2. Farming Resources only 1 good stockist needed-edit farming suppliers job filled
    3. Mob drops every mob drop in minecraft
    4. Wood all logs
    5. Wool all colors
    6. Food all food
    7. All other items please mention if you can supply

    For a job please specify what you can do and pm me or I'll pm you
    These are well payed jobs being payed per item
  2. Maybe you should post the price you pay for each item your supplier gets you?
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  3. Ok it's just I usually organise that afterwards
  4. Materials? I am going out to the wild on another server to make a massive mine so I should get lots from that
  5. Ok that'd be great
  6. Holiday Bumpz
  7. What do we get if we get you somethings.
  8. I'll pay you per item or per stack in rupees
  9. I can provide just about anything randomly
  10. Ok start a PM and I can order and so on Thanks
  11. Last day of holiday bumpz :(
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