[Job] Sheep Shearing

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  1. Come one and all to 10222 Smp5 where EVERYONE has Use perms at my sheep farm. Bring your own shears (or buy from me at 16r each) and sell White, Blue and Light Blue Wool to me for 8r per stack. (take the teleporter/pressure pad on the left)
  2. N
    Not bad! 8r 10minutes, I prefer selling them to leowaste where he buys them for 50r or more
  3. Well considering you are using my farm...
  4. Thanks for driving away business btw
  5. I suggest bumping up the price a little bit, especially if you have to buy the shears. Then you need to work for nearly half an hour just to get more than what you just spent. Maybe 20r per stack? :p
  6. I left EMC
  7. sheep farm still available?
  8. Um, you didn't seriously leave EMC because one or two people suggested you pay a bit more, did you? Cuz I didn't mean any offense to you, and that doesn't seem to be a very good reason to leave. D:
  9. No No it wasn't because of you.
  10. He's obviously leaving to go get a nugget in a biscuit...

    TOBUSCUS! <3 <3 <3
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  11. Ok, I just wanted to be sure...I'd hate to be the reason someone left. :(
  12. This is completely off topic but i remember the first day you joined, you was little small piggeh with high hopes and dreams.... But now you have grown full size and you are fufilling your dreams like a boss.

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  13. For real, you remember?! Were you one of the people who commented on my introduction thread? Cuz I think I remember you! :D

    Lol, sorry, I just feel so special. EMC makes me feel like I'm out there, living a REAL life in this game. The community is just so special to me, I'd hate to lose that closeness with it or someone over something so trivial. :p