[Job] need help to make cane into emeralds

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  1. So I need some people to make my cane into emeralds with my infinite villagers. All you do is make the cane into paper and trade it for emeralds. I would like someone trusted because its quite valuable stuff and I know exactly how many emeralds I should get per DC of cane. I will pay 400r per DC of cane made into emeralds. Please post or PM me about the job looking for someone with a bit of experience with infinite villagers or just someone who'll listen to me :p
    Thanks - XD
    Edit: now more pay
  2. Dude thats way too cheap i would do it for more money
  3. ok then 400?
  4. Including the cost of cane and everything - Aren't you making 4662r per DC of cane on this? I suggest you pay a LOT more.
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  5. no I supply the cane and I make quite a bit and I supply the infini villagers
  6. You still make 4.5k+ on every DC someone converts for you. Including their pay, the cost of cane, and such expenses.
  7. how much are these emeralds selling for 144 emeralds per DC of cane :O
  8. Correction* You make 3200 per DC, which is 25r per emerald. Still a lot.
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  9. ok but lets be honest it takes 5-10 mins or less and I'm paying like 500r
  10. Reverse that. In 5-10 minutes you make 3200r.
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  11. I have to agree with xothis_dwarf. He's paying based on services provided, not goods. Walmart employees don't get payed based on how much the items they sell are worth.
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