[JOB] Looking for regular "employees" to help manage farms.

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  1. Hello Fellow Members of the Empire.

    Help me to help make you rich!

    As the title suggests I am looking for 2-5 people to help me manage my various farms on a regular basis. This will start out with farms on residence, then if you can prove you are trustworthy and dependable my LARGE farms out in the wild.

    Pay will be a very fair and competitive price per job, and will share a percentage of any profits gained from any job that may net money in return. Also, you may have access anytime to the farms for your own personal use.

    Farms on res: Cobble gen, cactus farm, pumpkin farm, obsidian gen, and cow farm. Soon there will be a villager breeder as well and a few other potential farms. Farms in wild: *confidential* but they are very large and can only be in the wild.

    Of course, if you abuse the farms, steal, or try to cheat anything in anyway you'll be immediately removed from service.

    If you are interested, please add Dektirok AND Thakloned to a conversation with the following information:

    IGN (In Game Name):
    Average weekly playtime:
    Nights you are available:
    Are you good at building?
    Are you good at redstone?
  2. I'll pm you guys now