Job: Dig Out Res 3001 (Almost Complete)

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  1. I'm offering 1 person with alot of spare time the job of completely digging out my residence at 3001

    Here is an up to date screenshot of it:

    I'm offering 25k for the completion of the job,
    Im going away this weekend and woud like the job completed within the next 4 days.

    Some ground rules:
    If you only complete 10% .. You will be paid 0.
    If you complete 50% .. You will be paid 0.
    If you complete 95% .. You will be paid 0.
    If you complete 100% You will be paid the full amount.
    If your not up for the job, then please dont waste mine or your time applying.
    You will be paid upon my return to the server next week.
    You have the choice to leave the residence open for anyone to have build rights to get some helpers, or i can remove them and just give build rights to you, to ensure no one messes with you.

    These are the terms, please respond to this thread if your interested.

  3. if you pay us 12.5k a piece we can both do it
  4. Saracensboy99, Please read the terms and reply with the words 'I Accept' to confirm the job. (I know where already talked about it in game, but i need it on here, Thanks)

    Sorry 621op , i can only offer the job to one person as i cannot ensure you each do an equal amount ofwork for the pay.
    However, as Saracensboy99 is now on the job, he may be open to getting helpers. It's entierly up to him.
  5. :(
  6. Thanks, See you next week.