[JOB] dig out my res

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  1. Hello, I was told a staff member could dig my res out completely for 60k. Would it be possible for someone to dig it out 12 blocks deep, leave a layer, and then dig out 15 more?
  2. You can tell Senior Staff to do exactly that, but it'll cost 60k. If you want a player to do it... I'm not the person. :p
  3. oh I thought I could get a discount if it's not the whole thing
  4. There are discounts for supporters, but not for removing less than all the dirt. The fee is for the job itself, not the amount of dirt removed. So for 60k they'll remove and leave any of the dirt layers you ask them to.
  5. aww that's a shame I don't have 60k and was hoping I could would be able to afford only having some removed
  6. By request I can turn this thread into a job offer for someone to come and dig, and you offer some kind of payment.
  7. if you could do that that would be awesome
  8. I added a nice little attractive header and moved the thread into the right section
  9. If I wanted to do this how much would I be getting paid? I might be interested
  10. Digging. The new trend in EMC :D Sorry, but I have built and dug so so so so much this week.
  11. I think you're better off to earn 60k. If you're new, then shear sheep or cut logs. Once you have some money, mining is the way to go to make more. If you need a job, let me know. My top 2 miners have both made over 90k now.