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  1. Lately I have noticed a LOT of people asking for jobs,so on my res i have set up a job board.Tell me if you are
    looking for a job and I will put a sign up.I have a shop so many people come to my res and can see the job board.
    Smp3 only.If you want me to put a sign up for you just tell me (on this thread) your name and what kind of job you are good at or looking for and i will put a sign up. hopefully this will help people find jobs easier. :)
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  2. Well, I dont need a job but I have a job OPENING.

    A bellhop at my hotel.

    What you do? Once I check the guest. in, you bring them to their room. Also, you tell others about the hotel. (Dont spam please)

    Pay: Since this is a VERY easy job, the pay starts at 10R

    SMP3 7921
  3. oh yeah i forgot to mention if u have a job opening you can advertise that on the board as well.k thx when i get my brother off the
    computer ill put that sign up
  4. at my res i got jobs i need players to do and i give them dimaond each but noneone comes
  5. and on smp1

  6. This is a great idea!
    If you don't mind, could you put me up? I'm looking for people to dig on my lot. I'm paying 30r for each full chest of dirt.
  7. Thanks.I have two people looking for jobs. Tropicalcrush and Novembersnow143.
    p.s queenmikky, tropicalcrush is interested in your job.he is on smp3 but will look for you on smp1.November is still
  8. sorry, my res got deleted when i wasn't on for 10 days! :( im making a water park at 2373 smp 1 but wont be finished for a while!
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  10. I GOT MEH' HOPES UP!!!