[job] Auto Brewer Needed

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  1. Greeting,
    I am looking for someone who can can make me an auto brewer. I will not supply the redstone material bit i will supply the blocks. I want the brewer to be Tengo Tek's Design(if it works in emc). Pay will be 20k
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  2. Lol fail xD
  3. check again
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  4. So it is required to be Tango's design? I have a semi-auto one that can easily be automated.
  5. I'll look into this. How fast do you need it?
  6. In at least 2 weeks
  7. yes it is required to be tengo's design or something like it, I prefer the way it looks and how it preforms
  8. I can build it for you :)
  9. Oh.. are you positive that his design works in emc
  10. I have built one in EMC (At my base in smp7)
    The only problem is that if you log out while the redstone is running, it causes the redstone to "freeze" causing things like hoppers to allow items to flow freely. I think I can fix this with a redstone timer though
  11. Done, will build in two weeks time.

    EDIT: Or not.. :(
  12. ok well it will be at my 4th res in smp8.. i will give you admin perm and leave building blocks in a chest, please luild it towards the center of the res facing the bedrock wall
  13. im sorry... i will have more jobs soon
  14. i would ask rebelspartan0826 on mp8 he has one and its pretty cool
  15. ok ur set to go
  16. Finished :) Please pay 20k and have a nice day :)