Jinsue New Year 2020

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  1. The Jinsue Empire will be celebrating Jinsue New Year 2020 with a "Tour de Jinsue" style horse race and scavenger hunt. This will be followed by a fireworks show. as well. Prizes will be given to racers who finish in first, second, and third place, with first place awarded an EMC 1-month Diamond Support Voucher, Notch Apple, and Diamond Horse Armour. Other prizes will be given for the second and third place finishers, which will be fully worth the race.

    Sign-ups for the races are limited to a maximum of 16 riders, but there is no limit to the number of spectators. You must bring your own horse, mule, or donkey to take part in the race. Please be aware, that some participating steeds may have speeds in excess of 110%, so bring your best steed. The scavenger hunt is there to level the playing field for players with slower steeds, so bring your best hunting game as well. (For those of you who do not know, when I say "steed", what I mean is a horse, donkey or mule.)

    Before the race starts in the north-western region of the Jinsue Empire, players will be assigned a coloured wool that must remain on their person throughout the race and scavenger hunts. This will be their assigned colour. When the race starts, players will have to ride their steed from the most north-western point of the Jinsue Imperial Highway, all the way to the town of Hegang. Along the way, they will need to stop at selected check points, where they will be given a clue, and search for a chest that contains a piece of armour, for a total of 4 checkpoints in all. They must take the piece of leather armour that is in the chest they found, wear it, and continue on to the next checkpoint. The player must have completed the scavenger hunt at all 4 checkpoints and be wearing their assigned colour of armour from the hidden chests before they can finish the race in the north-eastern city of Hegang.

    Potion usage is prohibited, whether it is to give yourself an unfair advantage, or give your opponents a detrimental situation in the race. Taking any action that would purposely prevent your opponents from finishing the race (including misplacing, discarding, stealing, and/or destroying their assigned colour of leather armour, killing their steed, or engaging in any violent behaviour with them and/or their steed) is strictly prohibited and will result in the violator being disqualified from the race. Staff will also be on hand at this event, so such misconduct can potentially lead to a ban or other server-wide penalty.

    After the race is completed, and the last player has arrived in Hegang, there will be an awards ceremony, where the first, second, and third place finishers will awarded their prizes, and receive their ceremonial crowns.

    After the horse race, a fireworks show will be on display at the Governor's Mansion in Hegang. All are welcome to attend.

    If you wish to attend as a rider in the race, please reply to this post.

    This event is on Saturday, January 4th, 2020, at 11pm EST (EMC time) in the Jinsue Empire on SMP1. To get there, just come to the Eastern Frontier Wilderness Spawn before 10:45pm on the same day. A coordinator will be on hand to escort people from there through our nether expressway. Travel time would be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on if you take the ice highway or the rail (respectively).

    We hope to see you there!
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