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  1. Hello and welcome to Jimbo's Graphic store!
    How may I be of service?
    A Graphic for a thread? A signature? Or a Logo?
    We sell all of them here!
    Here are some of our works!

    So you need a graphic for something?
    Well you've come to the right place!
    Just ask for one in this format:
    [Purpose and size]
    [What you want on it]

    Then I will think about it and give you a rough price.
    After that I will make it and post it here with the price!
    Then you pay!

    Price range: 300-2,000r
  2. Added price range :)
  3. Why size do you use for your signatures?
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  4. Can I please have one Based off my YouTube profile Picture With NINJATTILA written across it in FixedSys Font Please?
    EDIT: Can it Include Multiple Pokemon as the background rather than My channel Pic sorry.
  5. If you mean what size I use 720x100 I think (pixels)
  6. Ok will do it tomorrow of to bed :(
  7. Thanks :) I use 1600x300 but its too big xD
  8. and a PPI of 300
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  9. Any preferred pokemons?
    And also pixel or cartoon?
  10. Any Pokemon and also could I have the channel Link in a smaller sized text underneath?
  11. anyone else?