Jimbo's building playground 6202 SMP3

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  1. Well hey dudes and dudeses.
    This is my new project.... Jimbo's building playground!
    This is a place where I just build stuff for the sake of it :D
    Like my modern house I posted yesterday.
    At the moment I am buying brick blocks so PM me if you have any you want to sell me.
    I will send you that latest pics as the roll in :p

    2012-09-15_13.57.18.png 2012-09-15_13.57.29.png 2012-09-15_13.57.42.png 2012-09-15_13.57.59.png 2012-09-15_13.58.32.png 2012-09-16_14.57.33.png 2012-09-16_15.09.33.png
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  2. Just put some pics up
  3. Is anyone interested?
  4. Well I am a wee bit disappointed :(
  5. I like it:D! Great design
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