Jimbo inc.

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  1. Hey I was gonna star a club called Jimbo inc. but I need some ideas for it.
  2. what type of look are you going for and what will be the purpose of the club?
  3. I don't know.
    One thing I had in mind was potions having something to do with it.
  4. Investing to mayby I don't know I was hoping for sugestments.

  5. this is a great idea for a potion type of room
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  6. this is just an idea for a tower type design for the club
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  7. WOW!
  8. ya if you want we could make this but it would take a lot of man hours, rupees, and supplies to build perhaps convert the tower part into a store/hotel
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  9. also the middle part could be your office
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  10. You should see what I'm making on my 2nd res 7314 smp3. Once I've built a shop in that I might concider this
  11. i was planning on having this built on my res but would like a business partner to help fund the project
  12. What server do you use?
  13. smp9 is where my res is but i spend most of my time on smp7 in the llo
  14. Ok what server would it go on?
  15. prob smp9 i already have a platform built for it