Jhonforge_Gaming's PvP Event Winner Get's Free Items From Shop

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  1. [Success] On Friday March 4th I will be hosting a PvP in the Playroom PvP Arena. I will also Compete but will be ineligible for the Main Prize...The Ability to get free Items From My Shop (When I am There) for a Month. First Place Gets the Main Prize Whereas Second and Third Place will Be Acknowledged In the Hall of Fame for my Shop. The one Rule is That you Must Play Fair.
    The Winner Is:
  2. Sounds fun! Probably won't be there but just a suggestion, It would be hard to make everyone use the same armor. You could use the fair arenas instead, No matter what armor, weapons, or buffs you have they will do the same damage.
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  3. Thanks I will change that!
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  4. I might come, but I don't know if I will be busy or not, but still great idea :)
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  5. thanks!