Jezza Corbyn 4 Labour Leader

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn does his best sexy-eyes for no apparent reason.

    Tomorrow, September 12th, the new Labour leader will be announced. Voting was closed today. I and many other Labour supporters are bathing in anticipation for the new leader (and hopefully future Prime Minister) to be announced. Many of us want Jeremy Corbyn, a supporter of true socialist ideals (unlike Blairites, who are essentially just slightly-more-left Tories :D) and someone who seems to have an actual person who the British public can relate to under his skin, unlike our current PM, an emotionless robot who grew up in the most lavish position possible and pretends he's lived 'the hard life' while he continues to punish the poorest people in the nation.

    If my man Jezza wins, then the Tories will find it much harder to implement the disgusting taxes they want to employ next. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown loyalists (who lead Labour to ruin) may finally be eradicated. And best of all, the Labour party may finally go back to the roots it was founded on in 1900 (with a little modernisation, of course).

    Call me a dirty Commie if you want.

    Until the new leader is announced, please share the best pictures you can find of Jezza and his competitors. I can assure you there are plenty.

    p.s Stella Creasy or Tom Watson 4 Deputy Leader

    that is all.

    Thank you.

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    Good night.

    - from sexy eyes
  2. I don't know if I would say sexy eyes. The first picture looks like a guy that has been at sea too long.
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  3. Sexy eyes frigging did it.

    Now he just has to win the General Election in 4 years time.