Jeremy the Zombie

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  1. 2013-06-23_16.53.36.png So at smp2 wastelands center spawn, there is a stuck enraged zombie, who I have dubbed, Jeremy. Jackbiggin said to abandon him, but Jeremy has been such a great friend, we need funds to free him from his captor. If you or a loved one has been in this situation before, please donate to, SJF, or Save Jeremy Fund, there will be a donation chest available at my residence, 4235. Thank you.
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  2. We must launch SRT, Special Rescue Team,
    Immediately! We will be there soon with our fellow hamsters.
    Should would bring Momentus or Marlix?
  3. Yes sir we should
  4. He wants to roam the wastelands finding adventure and stuff along te way, eventually falling Ito a hole and ending his undead days there
  5. Hes Free Now thanks to Maxarias!