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  1. Hello people. For those who don't know me, Im KingGeorge3rd, owner of the Palace Hotel on SMP2. Today I bring forth a screenshot of my Jeopardy studio I created on a server called The Colony. If you aren't satisfied with seeing it in this screenshot, go to the server and I will teleport you to the studio. THIS WAS MADE IN CREATIVE MODE. Do not ask why I did it in creative mode because I will start to get mad. Thank you and have a great day.
  2. Oops i forgot to post the image
    here is the image
  3. I can't post the image at all, so i will just give you the IP for the server so you can see it.
  4. We're not supposed to post the addresses of other servers. If you have the image on your PC and know the location, just click the "Upload a File" button and select it to show it to us.

    By the way, I really want to ask why you did it in creative mode but will heed your warning.
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  5. The reason put the server address is because I tried to get it onto the website, but I couldn't