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  1. 2011-11-28_18.36.47.png 2011-11-28_18.36.23.png 2011-11-28_18.36.00.png 2011-11-28_18.35.50.png 2011-11-28_18.35.40.png 2011-11-28_18.34.58.png 2011-11-28_18.36.28.png 2011-11-28_18.34.00.png 2011-11-28_18.35.17.png 2011-11-28_18.35.09.png I used to have a huge mansion I built in the past and I want to show everyone my designs and stuff :). It has around 30-40 rooms and I worked on it for many months. Enjoy c:
    ~Jennypoo10's Beach Mansion House~ C:
    It'll only allow me to put in so many photos lol
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  2. Did you mean to attach photos? I don't see any.
  3. I attatched the photos correctly this time XD lol
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  4. This is an Amazing Mansion :), and could i ask where did you build this the land didnt look flat like a res in the photos?
  5. Oh i built it in the past before i found Empire Minecraft. :3 I wish I could bring the mansion over to this server somehow ._.
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  6. Heres some more photos of the mansion :D please scroll down (more than one picture) 2011-11-28_18.31.51.png 2011-11-28_18.33.00.png 2011-11-28_18.34.22.png
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  7. Awesome!
    But honestly, the sheep dancehall is still the best :p