Jeanzl's, Terr's, and Dylan's Tekkit Adventures!

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    Episodes will be posted here.
    Stay Tuned for the teaser.
  2. can i join?
  3. Yea, thanks for not including me. :(
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  4. Fine I will add some people.
    But the requirements must be that you must be able to play Mondays,Webnesdays, and Fridays.
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  5. Darn I might have to lend my amazing voice....
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  6. Can I then? I can do all them days :D
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  7. is this done on ur server
  8. You know, the last time you posted that on a thread (with a link to its forums), you got the whole thing deleted. Just say "your server". That way, you cant ever be accused of advertising.
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  9. KK sorry i forgot
  10. Thats probably in a timezone in which I'm not available =p
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  11. I can do 3PM-12am EST (9 hours )
  12. We won't do them all days.
    But if you want like if were are digging out or building something boring you can help and i can just livestream it.
  13. jeanzl let me in :p
    Btw i cant play 9 hours
    I can do up to 7-8 pm tho
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  14. No I mean I am availble 3PM-12am.
    So more people can join
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  15. I believe he meant "I can do all those days":)
  16. ok XD
    Where is it
  17. ohh.
    But still I will just kidnap him and make him help me build stuff.
  18. not if i kidnap him first
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  19. Yeah I wanna help :D How about we get skype set-up or something then we can talk as well :p