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  1. Name: Skyscraper 7
    Uses: Malls, Hotels, Offices
    Price: 30,000r ( 16,240r For Materials, 13760r for Building ( It takes 6 hours straight to build this). 2293r per Hour.
    Customizability: You can change the colors of the wool.

    Time to build: Under 5 hours.
    Location: 5023 on utopia
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    Location: 1723 - cody2445 Hotel and Shop
    Best Minecraft ServersClick here for imgur album.
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  2. Just an update, cody2445 has ordered Skyscraper 7!
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  3. Cody2445 has his Hotel/Shop complete!

    In other news more designs coming soon!
  4. The skyscrapers are awesome! Can't wait to scrap up enough money to get a couple!
  5. I'm very interested, but I would like to know if it's possible for you to furnish the offices if one individual wanted you to? For a higher fee of course.
  6. Of course.

    The extra fee would be the materials + labor + how long I need to use my brain to think oh how to furnish the building.
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  7. Okay, I'll get 30,000+ rupees together. It can't be TOO different than getting Bells in New Leaf :p