JC Inc Recruiting For Enchanting Buisness

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  1. JC Inc is a new company, owned by lllllchrislllll and kingcam456. We are looking for some fresh blood in the business to help us around the shop at 12063 on SMP6. We specialize in enchanted items for the PVP Arena, that's why our shop is opposite the Arena. We have a grinder that you guys can use to get the levels necessary for the order.

    We will be needing:


    If you tell anyone where the grinder is, you will be fired from the company.
    Ask us about owning your own player stalls, but I highly suggest that you just supply us.
    You can gain promotions and raises for the amount of work you do and how good it is.
    When you get a promotion, you earn more residence perms.

    Thank you for your time, please PM me or lllllchrislllll about a job application.

    JC Inc.