Jay needs new headphones!

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  1. So, it's come to that point where I need some new headphones. The ones I'm using are Koss SB-45, which has worked well in the past, but they aren't the most durable and they break easily. So, I've come to you guys to help me find a new headset. My requirements:
    • Please, no Beats or Skullcandy.
    • Under $50 if possible, though not the most important.
    • No earbuds.
    • Must have a microphone.
    • Must be durable.
    • Must have a USB plug. This is important because my computer is old and the headphone and microphone jacks are breaking.
    I know the list is rather specific, but there are a lot of problems I've had in the past that I'd like to avoid. If you know of anything I should get, please leave a comment with either a product name or link.
  2. I would just suggest the classic g930
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  3. USB is going to be the hardest part of this for sure. I'll see what I can find tomorrow. A Logitech set like the G930 is a good option.
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  4. Buy turtle beach z11 (around 30 dollars) buy a jack to usb or like 3 dollars
    I have the z11s and they work amazing. Really comfortable and good sound. I mainly use it for hearing things like footsteps in Cs go, if your going to use it for minecraft, it's more than enough :p
  5. If you want a good set, try JVC noise cancelling headphones. Sadly, they're a bit expensive, and have no mic.
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  6. Turtle beach. I have the titan fall atlas but there are cheaper ones.