java update?

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  1. this might just be me but there's a new java out (not minecraft)
    and i cant find the old java. so now minecraft just closes its self becaues its looking for the old java,
    people on minecraft forum are saying the same thing so my point is....DOSE ANY BODY KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO??? also im working on a project on the server so i want to get back on.
  2. Cool story bro :D
  3. ohhhh i see what u did lol
    but relly guys can someone help
  4. Nah sorry mate, I have never had this problem and I have just updated java... Thats right, I updated my Java to try help you :)
  5. calm down,
    i need more info, does minecraft make a error report? what system you are on? video perhaps?


  6. I am pretty sure he is calm mate :)
  7. DGFDJHDGSGS! D:! jk, but re-install ur minecraft :p, you probz have a mod installed or plugin for singleplayer that requires old java, I updated java, and re-installed minecraft and it fixxed the problem for me on windows xp,vista, and 7
  8. o ya tottaly calm,
    just the fact that i might not be able to play minecraft and that i might loose my res.
    sooooo did anyone get an idea that can help
    btw audifan i did work
  9. alright heres the thing:
    when i login to minecraft it will login then when it should show the mojang logo it will just instenly close its self,
    and then i get some automated messeg on my desktop in note pad form that is some log from java saying current version lost due to update.
    so what do i do?
  10. You need to reinstall your Java and Minecraft from the beginning... This should fix it. Also, your mods must be compatible with the Java update..
  11. btw i have 2 computers
    one has a copy of minecraft with mods
    the other is a plane copy of minecraft with no mods,

    both are doing the same thing the one without mods is the one i want to fix
  12. omg hahahahahahhahahahah rolf
    i asked justin being the computer wiz he is,
    and he said "You may have to ask on the Java forums."
    so i did and i found a page on my problem lol.

    if it dosent work ill post on here again
  13. Just go to and play on the site, duh
  14. i fixxxxeeddd itttttt woooooo
    ya baby
    needed new 64 bit java
  15. y didnt u tell me that BEFOR
    :mad: aghhhh
    that could have saved me alot of time
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  16. interesting.... i update java on my sister's computer and it somehow generate an error report
    so i reinstall java( 6.27 earlier version) + minecraft (delete . minecraft) and it works
    do you remember what version of java you have?
  17. idk
  18. This is what I told you to do....