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  1. (internal exception: connection reset) is the error that I am getting.
    I can't connect to empire minecraft or any other server without getting this error.
    I've searched a lot of forums to see how this problem could be resolved but nobody seems to know.
    If anyone knows pls tell me so that I can play minecraft again and singal player still works its just the multiplayer that doesn't.
  2. -restart mc
    -downgrade you're mc
    -restart pc

    Hope it work....

  3. Still not working.
  4. If you uploaded minecraft.jar onto mediafire,
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  5. oh sorry i remoded it :S
  6. Actually, Brennian, linking to someone else's download of it isn't any better. Unfortunately it's still providing access to a file that shouldn't be distributed.

    To the OP: The problem is likely that you've updated to MC 1.2 while our servers are still running 1.1 until all the plugins and server programs are updated as well. If this is the case, there actually are numerous threads regarding methods for downgrading your MC installation in the meantime. One such method, if you've not really done much to your minecraft.jar other than upgrade it, is to follow Zabriel's suggestion:

    1. Make sure hidden files and folders are visible.
    2. On Windows 7 with default user locations, go to: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    3. Right click on the "bin" folder and choose "Properties"
    4. On the "Previous Versions" tab, click on a date that is prior to you updating your minecraft, then click "Restore". This should restore the folder to an earlier date, hopefully with your minecraft.jar reverted to 1.1.

    Hope this helps, or you find another method that works for you!
  7. Brennian thx for the help minecraft works again :)