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  1. Hi guys

    Over the past few days i resetted my residence and build something new. Now the outside of my Japanese Castle and my Pagoda is finished. Come to visit me on Smp2 residence 3391. Thanks to the ones who donated to me!! You were a big help!!

    I will now start working on the interior of the castle and let you know when im done.

    Below ill post some pictures of the building process.

    2012-02-08_18.40.45.png 2012-02-08_20.40.30.png 2012-02-09_17.25.39.png 2012-02-10_14.55.23.png 2012-02-10_16.36.11.png 2012-02-10_19.32.37.png 2012-02-11_01.35.58.png

    ok here is an update!! i am completly done with the exterior part of the residence and particularly done with the interior. if ur interested... come to see it on residence 3391 on smp2
    here a screenshot:
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  2. Nice!
    "i'm lovin it";)
  3. Good Job Japan that totally can take on my castle :p
  4. Maybe you can upload some pictures of it on the inside?:)
  5. i am still working on the inside... i will post pictures when im done
  6. thank u ... now we got a japanese castle on smp3 and smp2 :)
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  7. Well I happened to build a castle on my own just a week before he did. But it is not the same though ^^ I will present my castle soon. So stay patient if you are interested :)
  8. This japanese stuff really works well in MC. I like.
  9. This looks great hope it goes well :D
  10. When did you become a moderator d1223m?
  11. probably the corner of his res on a dirt tower
  12. exactly what hasorko said.... :)
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  13. Wow, looks great! Can't wait to see finished product.