JakeBmx2 set fire to me in the wild and stole my gear

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Slarky, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. JakeBmx2 is engaging in behavior that is against the rules. He set fire to me in teh wild after sabotaging part of my ladder leaving me stuck. Then he took all my diamond gear and logged off when I said I had it screen capped and was going to report him.

    Just thought I'd share this with the community.

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  2. Do not accuse people on the forums whether you have evidence or not. The proper way to report someone for PVP or griefing is to start a conversation with a staff member.
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  3. That guys getting bannnneeeeddd.....

    And unless he used all of his rupees to get that armor first day off, along with the tools to go out of town, which I doubt, He's cheating.
  4. Just to add something: That screenshot just show how you burned infront of him, there is no lava bucket on him or something to proove it was him, so your coming the bad way...

    You get 1,500r when out of the tutorial maze, i've seen diamonds for 25-55r (yes i've seen 25r diamonds which i believe come from hax and i don't buy) so considering that the diamonds he bought were like 50r then he could still buy 30 diamonds, from which he could make a whole diamond armour and some tools (not counting that he gets stone tools already)
  5. I will take this matter to a private convo. :)
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