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COOL! 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Looks nice! 4 vote(s) 25.0%
No... 1 vote(s) 6.3%
Banning or kicking is better! 8 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hi,

    Is the Jail-plugin a good idea for this server? Why banning or kicking if you can trow them in the jail!
    Just say /jail Player Time(inMinutes) Jailname:Cellname (IT WORK ONLY WITH MODS OR ADMINS :D)
    You can also MUTE! :)

    I didn't made it but it looks a great idea!
  2. i think it would be a good idea for stuff like over-use of caps, but other than that kicking would be better. maybe add a court system, where witnesses can testify if they arent busy, and they can either be banned for a day, a week, forever, or just kicked. and of course they can be declared not guilty. i think it would be a good idea, but only to some extent.
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  3. Eh, sounds like a waste of time.. they're just going to log out and come back later. you may as well just kick em and get it over and done with.
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  4. The reason I never did something like this is that it takes up free slots for other players. If someone wants to cause problems they don't deserve to take up a precious slot on an Empire server so they get banned. :)
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  5. Couldn't agree more.
    A jail might as well be a ban, since they can't move/talk during their stay.
  6. Oh, ok xD The graveyard for permanently banned players is cool :p
  7. its kinda ok. Banning is better because after you go to jail they just come out again and cause more trouble :(
  8. No, if you escape three (or more) enemy wolves spawn and will KILL you xD
  9. that would be cool
  10. It is a terrible idea, honestly. It would hold up a slot that could be used by a well behaved user. We don't need the server count to be 45/45 with 20/45* in jail... That would be pointless.
    I use the kick command to warn users of their first offense. It gives me the opportunity to tell them what they did wrong so they do actually read it. (Similar to a smack on the wrist.)
    I have only once used the ban command, for 1 day, on an individual who was not complying with the Kick warning I offered. Instead of calming down, the individual got out of hand. I felt a 24 hour cool down was sufficient. It was.
    I have not used any higher level of ban (2/3 day or permanent) on anyone yet as I have not encountered any of our overly upset or aggressive members or any griefers/spammers etc.

    Everything falls into an escalation of force category, some users will only deserve Permanent bans immediately, others the harsh 2/3 days and some only the verbal warning without a kick. It is all at the discretion of the moderators judgement of the situation.

    However, we all have to answer for our decisions when questioned by Jeremy or Justin. We have guidelines to follow. No one will be allowed to abuse their position.

    *Extremely exaggerated number, we do not get hit with "griefing parties" here...
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  11. *Looks at above post*

    I wonder why?
    I mean that in the sense that the moderation on the server is impeccable and anyone who even wanted to try griefing the server would fall in love with it before they got the chance.
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  12. Probably because there isn't enough room for "parties" to join. And the fact that they can't be bothered researching for all the answers to join.
  13. Yes it is a few reasons. First we have a great moderation staff that reacts to things very quickly. Second we have a great community that reports things quickly. Third everyone builds in our Town system and it can't be griefed easily. Fourth griefers are lazy sad people and don't take the time to make it through the tutorial. :)
  14. I vote court system
  15. I vote Banning. I want to be a moderator so i can help with handling all of these bad players who deserve 1.warnings
    2.kicks and 3.Banning
  16. I was just messaging Justin awhile back about a court system and how it might be easier