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  1. dear forums this might sound silly but I have an idea.

    Maybe u could make a jail where if ppl choose to go and if someone is griefing or saying the f word ect. will go and if they get banned to when they log on they will immedietly get sent to jail and also if someone sees someone greifing ect they can tell the people running the jail and also report them I feel like this is a good idea maybe not for u but it is for me:)
  2. This was suggested a long time ago. It may work on other servers, but for our server it is not the proper way of handling bans.
  3. -1. I don't like this idea, as it would allow banned players to communicate in chat, and pretend they ate not banned, as they are in-game.

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  5. well then they can make it so they can not talk and cannot hear us speak
  6. or have their own chat channel, and they can only use this one, and maybe unjailed players can also have the chat, and there is no need for staff either

    +1, im a fan of these
  7. Lol, ninja'd by FOUR minutes.

    On topic, if a player does something like this they should not have the right to remain on the server without getting a proper appeal in. Although I use jails plenty on my server, from my experience, it does not fit the method in which staff discipline players here. This is also flawed in the sense that staff members have lives outside of EMC. They cannot be available 24/7 running a jail. They come on EMC to play/work, if you take that away, that is unfair to them. Therefore, I give this idea a -1.
  8. Cool idea but again what krysyy said
  9. Plus it would be a pointless waste of player slots on the server.
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