jacobshapiro45's Building Co.

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  1. Hello my name is jacobshapiro45 and i am here to make your stress on building go away.
    I can build anything from a skyscraper to a tiny house just give me a half an hour to a hour and
    i will have a design for you.

    Don't Believe me? Ask or go to MrBOBY02's res, i made him a hotel and he loved it.
    P.M. me for any questions or price checks and i will respond to you ASAP.
  2. Can I join your company? I am very good at building cause I play a lot on creative
  3. So true its awesome lol.
  4. So, is that a yes?:cool:
  5. You should post pictures of your builds. A hint: I never hire from a building company if they don't have pictures.