Jackbiggin's free time

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  1. I found a video jackbiggin doing his job outside of MC. It also turns out his name is really charlie. Also, he drives a volvo.
  2. Can a hamster drive a Ferrari?
  3. xD A hamsters reaction speed will not be enough to steer a ferrari going at top speeds
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  4. You don't know that for sure.
  5. True, but if the hamster has to follow the carrot (like in this vid) and does that at the same speed, it will not be enough to turn/run fast enough with the speed the ferrari is going.

    If it's driving at low speed it should be a reachable objective.
  6. I'm sure Jack is only 15/16...
  7. That is in human years. He is decades old in hamster years.
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  8. I guess so :)
  9. Nice Job Jack!
  10. Remember jack isn't any old hamster. jack is green and radioactive
  11. I found him!
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  12. Jack doesn't disco. Jim does though. his signature move is the gamekribjimmy rustler
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  13. his hamster skills are unparalleled
  14. true dat though