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  2. If so, Jack is the reason I have a theme for google chrome.
  3. I love it when people randomly find out that it was me who made them. It happens every once in a while and gives me that happy feeling in my tummy.

    I should grab a picture of the stats page next time I'm on a PC... because the numbers are pretty high..
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  4. Great jack, would appreciate it if you could make an EMC background. :D I am serious.
  5. It was so long since I made these that I'm not sure I have my text file with all the dimensions and such in, or even if I can remember how to make them. It's possible though. :)
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  6. It's funny, because i'm using the "Creepers at the beach" theme and have been for a few weeks now :p
    I had the Ender-Dragon theme a few months back, too, before I knew that Jack had made it xD