I've lost my donkey! [LOST & FOUND]

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ultimate_GG, May 22, 2014.

  1. I've lost my donkey from my res, it had valuables and everything with it! I got off it, and after a while it tp'd back to my res. I then forgot about it, causing it to roam free. I have other horses, so I got on my fastest one and searched almost everywhere. I couldn't find it. I thought there was a chance I was glitching or something, but no such luck. I even got a few of my friends to help me look far and wide, and none of us could find it. If you find it, PLEASE respond to this forum post, or tell me in Minecraft chat.
  2. check everywhere in your res, because if it leaves your res, the second it walks into the road, it is supposed to tp back to your res spawn
  3. Yeah I've noticed though if you aren't on your res when it happens, or no one is rather and your res is unloaded the animal is lost. I lost like 4 cats like this. 2x2 res and when I walked all the way across through my other with them following once I hit someone else's res they teleported back, haven't seen them since.
  4. They shouldn't despawn if they are tamed or named...