I've Had It With These *Blankety-Blank* Mobs On My *Blankety-Blank* Rails!

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  1. Let me say first, as I do before any suggestion I make, that I do not know really anything about coding, so if this would not be possible to begin with, please let me know and disregard this.

    That said, you know that as of Minecraft 1.5, mobs are supposed to "avoid dangerous minecart tracks" or some such phrasing. However, in reality, this is not truly the case. On the Minecraft Bug Tracker, one of the MC staff replied to one report of this, saying something along the lines of "They will try to avoid them, but once they are on the tracks, they won't care anymore." Well, there is one way to help those people who are at 'Frustration Level: Nuclear' with the minecart system...

    This is my suggestion: Code the game so that mobs will not spawn on blocks with minecart rails on them.

    One may argue that it could be abused by placing the tracks on every block in a room, but I consider that irrelevant, because 1) that can already be done with half-slabs, 2) using rails to do so would be more expensive than using cobblestone half-slabs, and 3) it would be very, very ugly (opinion).

    At least, with mobs not spawning on the rails, one could make a 2x1 corridor for the rails and not have to worry about hitting anything along the way.

    In the overworld, preventing mobs from spawning on tracks is simple; all one needs to do is light the track well. In the Nether, however, lighting does not deter pigmen from infecting an area with their foul, rotting-bacon scent and overly-curious presence (Get out of my face!). Given that the Nether is the fastest way to travel, and given the demand for quartz, I'm sure I'm not alone in my boiling hatred of track-blocking humanoid pigs.

    Currently I am in the process of placing half-slabs on the roof over 7,000 or so blocks of track, just so I can run storage minecarts without worrying about my loot going flying back in the other direction when the carts hit a pigman.

    In conclusion, Mojang wanted to make it so mobs would avoid tracks. Their method, their code, did not work. As such, I have suggested a solution which would be difficult to abuse, and would bring more utility to the minecart system as a whole.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. There are some very easy ways to keep zombie pigmen off your minecart tracks that already exist as part of the game.

    I can add some pictures this evening.
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  3. :drool: Could you enlighten me? Every single thing I've tried has not worked at all, been unable to find solutions online anywhere. I could be blind, too, though. =P
  4. Im pretty sure this still works. Put half slabs at 1.5 height. You should* be able to ride through them without taking damage, and those pesky pigmen wont spawn.

    *I suggest testing this in singleplayer first...
  5. Yes, this still works.
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  6. Indeed; though over such a long distance (and I WANT to extend it about 9k more) I wouldn't quite call this 'easy'... also, when trying to disembark, you have to break the half slabs in order to do so, else right-clicking or trying to hit the cart with a pick will only hit the half slab you're traveling under (at least from what I've found). Ah, to be able to place rails on glass... now that would be wonderful. :D

    Edit: or on top of half-slabs...
  7. Yes, it does. I set my tunnels at three wide. I slab the ceiling on the middle and the side above the track. The third spot is for walking just in case. I do this to keep the pigmen one block away because I used to run into them sometimes when they were in the next block over. however, now that you can manually move or restart your cart by holding down w when stopped, its not as important. All that said, its 98% effective because you still on rare occasion get a small magma cube.
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  8. Yeah, I remember the nether track to Pazzo being something like that.
    As for getting out of carts without risking damage to suffocation, I would recommend maybe having another bit of track (1 or 2 bits) at the end, with another minecart on it. Then when you get to the end, go from the first minecart to the second, and then get out safely :)
  9. Well, easy and non-tedious are two different things. :D
    The problem is not just not having them spawn on tracks, but to keep them off if they spawn near the tracks.
  10. Use a piston setup, with a sticky piston retracting the slab long enough for you to get in and going.
  11. I just leave the first and last tracks open. I can always push a pigman out of the way should he get in that one spot (though one hasn't yet).
  12. Oh, good call guys, I never thought of using pistons... I always forget they can push/pull half-slabs. I could rig up a detector rail to... I think it's the RS NOR latch? That once activated, it stays in that state until you reset it with another switch. That way, if I have 6 or 7 storage carts in front of me, I can have say, 16 blocks pull back when the first cart arrives. Thanks so much! =)

    I still think Mojang should make mobs not spawn on tracks, if they really want mobs to 'avoid' them. :D But until then, this will help tons!

  13. Just to say, this is Minecraft, and the Minecraft team don't actually know how to program. Therefore, if you want to play Minecraft, you have to live with piles of bugs and lag.
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  14. Yeah, but we've got Aikar for that =D
  15. Aikar can't do very much changing of the code. If he does then no one will be able to play. And the update process would take even longer than it does now...
  16. Well, my previous post was semi-sarcastic in a sense... just referring to what Aikar does as far as editing EMC-specific plugins/code/extras/etc., for example the Dragon Tombs scheduled to be released by 2030 (also sarcasm -- hopefully -- seen in another thread whose title I cannot remember. Feel free to enlighten me =D )
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