I've found a Slime Chunk!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gap542, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I found a slime chunk on my normal suicidal wild Run.. (Go to wild with lots and expensive things in inventory without weapons or armour and run from around 5000-5000 till spawn)

    What should I do with it? It's pretty big.(I think as I found over 10+ slimes roaming around there)
  2. Turn it into a slime farm. Build like an outpost on it or something
  3. Sounds like work!
  4. But swamps spawn slimes naturally
  5. Really? like above ground?
  6. Yes. Above ground.
    I took 2 Screen shots with F3, as I couldn't stop because it was night(I'd get murdered).
  7. Wait, So it's not a slime chunk? Just normal spawp spawns?
  8. Is it in a swamp? Because if it is, then yes its a normal swamp slime spawner
  9. Hey if you wanna get rid of expensive thing, you can toss them in my chests ;)
  10. may I see screenshots? I might be able to turn it in to a farm...
  11. theres not much need to make farms now. Swamps spawn tons of slimes :)
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  12. You change them spawn rates and I will spam you...
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  13. I have a feeling you changed them so they spawn many many in swamps so slime balls are worth less... WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS TRYING TO RUIN RUINING OUR ECONOMY?!
  14. These are very common, infact there is one about 100 blocks away from SMP-1 main wild spawn.

    I suggest make an outpost there, just for yourself or a few other friends. I got about 4 stacks of slimeballs after staying 30 minutes. :)
  15. Slime farms or Swamp farms?
  16. I mean, they are common because swamps are everywere. They one on smp-1 is a swamp farm.
  17. This was a minecraft update, not an EMC update. (in case your quote wasn't ALL sarcasm ;P)
  18. It was all Sarcasm... Or was it..? Maybe Aikar gave MC Devs the suggestion so he could ruin the EMC economy so it didn't looked like it was being affected by him directly.