I've been griefed/scammed/someone stole my rupees! I need Admin help.

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Should I get my 9k rupees back and should HAMSTER be banned from EMC indefinately?

YES, its cleary the obvious choice. 1 vote(s) 100.0%
No, I didnt read the article and I feel like being that one different person who cant stand the smel 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. So about a week ago Polaroid123 came by my res and asked me if i needed help building it. I said sure since he didn't want pay. One thing that I thought was fishy was that he wanted to get ALL of the perms to my res, container included. I hesitated on the container perms, so he showed me his res. It was a huge mega-mall in the process of being created. He also gave me some rupees. I figured and was reassured by him that since Polaroid123 was rich in EMC, he wouldn't grief me or take advantage of me in any way, so i gave him the container perms.

    About 4 days later i reset all of my res perms so that people that i hired for some jobs wouldnt still have perms on my res, 2027. (By the way, i had about 9,000 rupees at the time. It isnt relevant now but it will be later on in the story.)

    Then yesterday, September 14, I was online (smp1) and working on my res when Polaroid123 got on. He sent me a pm asking why he didn't have perms anymore. I told him that i reset them. Then he asked me if he could have them back, and i gave them back, except for the container perms. He asked me why he didn't get the container perms back, and i asked him why he needed them back. Polaroid123 said that he just wanted it to be easier for him to help me build my res. He didn't want the hassle of having to ask me for the materials he needed every time he ran low. So, foolishly and cautiously, i gave them back.

    Later that day I added sandstone to my small shop that i have in my res.

    So today, about 45 minutes ago, I get back on EMC, and i go to the wastelands to gather more sandstone/leather/sand/anything of value and I come across two sheep. I remembered that you can eggify sheep with a stick, so, I do it. The chat alert thing tells me that i am charged 100 rupees and that i have 19 remaining. 19? I had 9,000 the last time i logged in! What happened? Did someone sell a bunch of materials to my shop?

    So I went to check the stock of my small shop. Nothing had changed. I still had my 2.5 stacks of cobblestone, 7 stacks of sandstone, 2 stacks of glass, etc. Alarmed, I get on the EMC website and check my rupees transaction history. It says that at around 4:30 AM this morning, Polaroid123 sold me countless stacks of sandstone for 125r! I went back to EMC and checked EVERY chest in my res and couldn't find more sandstone than the 7 stacks that i had previously in my shop.

    I think that its obscenely obvious that Polaroid123 went to my res at 4:30 am this morning and took the sandstone out of my chests and sold it back to my shop continuously until i didn't have enough rupees to pay him. After all, i had 119r when I logged back in, and i buy sandstone at my shop for 125r...

    So i ask any admin or staff of EMC to help me out and bring Polaroid123 to justice (yes, i know how dumb that sounds) and to replenish my 9,000 rupees that i had worked so feverishly hard to acquire.

    If anyone has any questions I ask that you dont hesitate to ask me. The story that I have told here is 100% truth and I even have my rupee transaction history to prove it.

    Sorry for the length of this story, but i needed to tell the WHOLE thing. Also, I do greatly enjoy playing on EMC and I look forward to continuing to play once this issue is resolved.Thanks again, and as always...stay classy.

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  2. Pm a moderator... :)
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  3. Hey the second answer to the poll is "No, I didnt read the article and I feel like being that one person who cant stand the smell of justice.

    I guess it was too long.

    Stay Classy
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  4. Oh, you can bet your broncos that i will. :mad:
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  5. Pl3ase keep private issues private. Pm a mod
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  6. I don't have any broncos.... so I can't bet...
  7. I told you to start a conversation with ICC, Maxarias, Shaunwhite1982, and BigDavie. I did NOT tell you to do this because it'll get you no where. If you want help then do what I told you to a while ago ;)
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  8. An update to clarify evidence... I checked my chest again and i have 10 stacks of sandstone, not 7. But still, 3 stacks isnt enough to make me lose 9k. 125 x 3 = 375.
  9. oh, i guess im a bad reader. Sorry everybody
  10. Thread Closed

    Please start a convo with Bigdavie,chickneer,myself

    Lesson to be learned here? dont give out perms to people you dont know or cant trust with your life
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