I've been gone for some time now...

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  1. But I'm back :)
    I couldn't get on Empire for quite a while- maybe months- because of high school and various other troubles. However, now I plan to try and get on at least an hour a week.
    I came back thinking I had lost my residence because of my absence, and that I would have to restart with only the res given to me by RainbowChin.
    For some odd reason, my res at 6070 is still here.
    So I've come back to reboot the few ideas I left behind, especially the one at 402 (which is a surprise).
    As of now, I'm going to go ahead and finish my main res: Hell's Bakery
    And as a few of you may know, I had a passion for skins (Resume: http://www.minecraftskins.com/399291/moyaboya/)
    and I still do. I may have enough time to get a few good skins done just in time for Halloween, for a price. If you're interested go ahead and PM me, and I'll try to get back to you.
    Trapped here forever-
    moyaboya :)
  2. Welcome Back! :)
  3. I remember you! Welcome back moya! Glad your residences are still here, and if you need some help on smp3 lemme know! : )
  4. Welcome back to the empire, I like the sound of Hell's Bakery ;)
  5. Welcome Back :)

    Just as a reference he does good skins for those interested, he made mine :D
  6. Haha, thanks you guys! Glad to be back!