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Is this because of the update

Yes 3 vote(s) 75.0%
No 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello everyone today i updated my Itunes to version 10.00.04(?) and when i went to play my music was all still in my itunes library but when i played it it said it didint have the main file. Also when i try to torrent(Dont tell) my music from a site that i always use when i add them thtey usually sound good but after the update they are all faded and suck.Could i get some help from somewone please?
  2. Good thing I haven't updated! :p
  3. Hint: Pay for ur music and dont torrent it :p If you already bought it and are jus ttrying to get the copies back, there is a "purchases" section of itunes store. I updated and have trouble streaming videos to me Apple Tv, also...
  4. It's iTunes - What do you expect?

    Anyhow uninstall iTunes and install an older version from
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  5. I don't torrent my music personally (Spotify here) - But I sure would if I didn't have spotify - The amount it costs for a single track - My current playlist if bought on iTunes would be over $850
  6. I am very disappointed in itunes... I think I'm gonna just use YouTube from now on.
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  7. BUT it would be legal and you couldnt get sued :). ON the news there was a kid who was in Harvard who has torrented SIX songs, thats it, and was sued for $650,000 and kicked out of his college.
  8. Any person who knows anything about computers won't get sued (VPN's are great)
  9. :p
  10. People still pay for Music on the internet now?
    I just Torrent and YouTube :p
  11. Ok im just going to throw this out there... Audacity+HD YouTube=Perfect quality recordings of any audio.

    *Note* I am not encouraging any illegal activity, just pointing out a good way to record audio on YouTube
  12. Of course not :)
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