its trivia time! win rupees EASILY by answering trivia questions

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  1. eeeello. its le me, ODSTALCAPWNEDio! you may have seen me go all philanthropist/humanitarian lately, 30k rupee contests(ends in 3 days!) donating away 60k rupees, ect. and here is my next idea. trivia! answer the question i give out, first one too answer WINS! the rupee winnings vary, and if you dont win the first time, dont worry, i have PLENTY of questions. the rules are:
    .no unnecessary posts. got a comment? go ahead. but dont post in with an answer, make sure to make it 2 seperate posts.
    .if you win, you have to "sit out" the next 4 questions. we want everyone to get a chance.\
    .have fun!

    first question! heres how the usual layout will be. Good luck!

    Question: what super sentai team was used for mighty morphin power rangers season 1 ?

  2. tokusatsu?
  3. wow, dissapointed in the lack of guesses. i was expecting atleast three. well,i hope you gyus realize there is no catch, just me, holding a trivia contest, and you winning money.