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  1. To set, another EMC record! As many of you know, I am the only person to have walked to all four outpost on SMP3. Now, I'm going to do it on SMP5! I will be posting more photos and more info then on my other trips! If you would like to have a land formation named after you, pay me 50R and the formation you want to be named after. (This does not include biomes) If you would like to simply just donate for the trip, feel free! I will be starting soon when I pack my bags. (My vault)
  2. Hmm. I thought Crazy1080 did it too.
  3. I'm not sure if he did. Last time, he said have fun but dont break my walking record.
  4. I have set off and now going north.
  5. I have made camp near a river that I have called Hobs crk, if any of you get that.

  6. I died, twice. BACK TO SMP3...

    This is what I hate about new severs, their un-touched, so you want to go exploring..
  7. I will try later. Going south..
  8. What killed you? Cant imagine dying on something other then fa(i)lling :p
  9. How about drowing, lava or getting killed ? :L

    EDIT: Oh I just got the joke (a)
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  10. By the way, why do you pack your vault my investigation tells me you can't open the vault in the wild anyways ? :confused:

    Edit: Dumb question sorry.... obviously since u play on server 3 to get ur stuff to smp5 -.- nvm
  11. Since I declare SMP5 WAY to easy to explore and die in, I am doing this in SMP1. Admins, please change the name.
  12. I walked to all the outposts on SMP4 my first couple of days on. Found some p neat stuff...didn't take any pics though might have to do it again and take pics
  13. So far, I'm the first to walk to all four on SMP3 and I think the first one to walk to all four of any of the outposts, except if crazy1080 did.
  14. I found some strange lights on SMP1 and I am looking for a name. It has lots of cows and trees around and has a sea passage. The best name will be the name of the area.

  15. I have made it to the east outpost on SMP1!

    BTW, the name of the place is cow forest sea way.