It's that time again!

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  1. Hello fellow Empire Minecraft members I am here to say that I am almost 300 days old on this server. Yes amazing isn't it? I can't wait to be a year old on Empire Minecraft. It will be the longest I have stayed with a server. Empire Minecraft has been the ONLY server I have donated to & if you guys have any questions you would like to ask me I would be more then glad to answer your questions. :)

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  2. 17 days off... Oh well! Congratulations and I hope 283 days becomes 300 and goes far beyond. :)
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  3. Happy almost 300!
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  4. Happy almost-three hundredth-day!!
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  5. Congratulations, I am here now for 200+ days, almost 300 days is many!
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  6. I'm over 100 days, beat that :p
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